Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Slackin Puzzle

Ok,so I've been working on trying to put some memories together of the last year and a half or so. Wherever I left off. :| Just trying to hit some important times. It's hard searching through all my photos because I take so many on just a random, daily basis. I've tried to at least just narrow down highlights from the end of '09 and ALL of '10! WOW! How times just flies! Well..within doing that I've totally confused myself apparently. I thought I could post them in somewhat chronological order, but I screwed up. I'm sure you all can catch on with the dates on there, but with some of my OCD-ness it bugs me. I have been trying to figure out how to remove them and put them in order without having to delete them altogether and redo them. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

I will be working more on the rest of 2010 so keep on the lookout. If nothing more this helps me keep a journal of good times with everyone, watching as the kiddos grow.

Camping with Dad

We took a trip to Willow Beach with dad and went camping. On our way we had to cross the Hoover Dam. Snapped some pics of the work in progess of the new overpass. We had fun around the fire making smores, hiking up to the hot springs and hanging out..and hiding firewood around for my dad's return visit later. ;)

Day 2 of our camping experience. Caught my sisters snoozing. They LOVE me! :D Mike took a  morning hike. I zoomed in on his pic, but he's really much farther away than he appears. The cutest of all was Kaiden taking a hike around with my dad. Little buddies..oh and the amusement was Alaina cutting firewood. Great times! On the way home the traffic was backed up SO far to cross the Dam. I believe it was an accident that held us up. We were traveling in two trucks and since it was slow movin we hopped from truck to truck swopping snacks and leftover food. I remember pie..?.. haha It was fun. I got out of the truck and Heather and I decided to take a walk and see what all the fuss was about..aand she had a full bladder as well.  We happened upon a gentleman that needed a battery jump. We couldn't figure out why no one else would help him being that we were STUCK on the highway and not going anywhere. We were quite a few trucks down and told him that Mike would help him as we got closer to him. He offered money and we declined, but he still managed to throw a $20 bill in Mike's truck. The pic of me is on the side of the road waiting ever so patiently for traffic to flow.

29th Birthday

My 29th birthday spent with coworkers for a great lunch at PF Changs, New Moon movie release date with my BFF Candice. It came out ON my birthday! I was so excited about that! Kaiden was with his dad in Arizona until the 21st and was able to make it home in time for our family celebration! I love my family and friends that help make my birthday awesome year after year!

Hangin with Singles

I actually got out and got some adult time with some new friends! It was a really good time. My friend Karissa, that has since left us here and lives in California, introduced me to her really cool friends. Megann is so incredibly sweet and awesome! Danielle is very outgoing, sweet and spunky. Sorry, Wayne, we didn't get any pics with you. :(  Thanks for also making it a great time! During the dinner and talent show there was some texting going on..even between members at the SAME table..had to laugh and take a picture of Megann and her phone!
One of the best parts of the conference weekend was going to the temple thursday, 10.14  for a fireside and then doing a session! There were so many of us. SO awesome to see and experience!

The fireside, dinner, dance and hang out Friday, 10.15 was fun but of course, awkward for me at the same time. I don't do well in those kinds of social settings. The fireside motivaional speech was the best one ever! It has been so long his name has slipped my mind. He coached at BYU and was the coach of the Single's Ward Bishop, which is how we got him I guess. The speed dating was that of an experience that I may not want to experience again, but it was amusing I must say! All in all..a GREAT weekend, great experiences!

Truman Team Appreciation 10.6.2010

We had the slider truck come to our office team appreciation luncheon..and supply us lunch! It was so good!

Last Days with Grandpa

We went and visited Grandma for her birthday,7.16.09. It was great to see both of them. Little did we know, but I believe Grandpa did, that these would be some of our last memories to make with him. I'm so glad we got these photos!

These were in Grandpa's final days. These were taken 10.1.09. Heavenly Father called him home on 10.29.09. Such precious times and I'm glad we got them! Heather and Krishelle worked really hard at getting all of his memories and stories into a book for him to see, and they made it just in time! It is an amazing book and I know he was proud! We love you Grandpa and will keep your memory alive!

Kaiden Taking Flight

Kaiden going to visit his dad in Arizona. He started to fly back and forth all by himself! I think this was one of the first times, if not the first, without his dad accompanying him. August 12, 2009. He first flew home on his own in June. He LOVE to fly, just like his mom. His dad HATES to fly, but sacrificed a few times to get him home. :) I had to use my old film camera because my digital camera had to be sent in for repairs after our work swimming party. I HAD to have SOMEthing to capture these first time and special events!

Here he is leaving again November 9,2009 to go to Arizona. He was on twelve month school track systems then and when he had a track break he would go visit his dad. It was cute to catch the pilots getting on when he did and their little interaction. He gets to be the first one on the plane! He just loves it! Makes me feel better too! He tells me of all the people he sits next to, who talks to him, who helps him, what he eats and does for that WHOLE..LONG..HOUR plane ride. haha

Fam Photo Shoot 7/09

My sister's childhood friend that moved to Arizona came into town. She was just getting into photography and took our family photos for us! Needless to say, this was in July and we took these pics around straight up noon..HOT! It was fun and I'm so glad I have these! I need some more done! She did a good job, thanks Jenna!